Robert Kolinsky

Presseresonanz / Press review

(...) Mit der gleichen Leidenschaft, wie der Pianist Kolinsky sich als künstlerischer Leiter der Martinu-Festtage für die Verbreitung von Martinůs Musik einsetzt, spielt er dessen Klavierkonzerte. Dazu stehen ihm brillante technische Fähigkeiten zur Verfügung, die er mit Akkuratesse und grosser Sensibilität einsetzt. Es entstehen Klangorgien, denen man sich kaum mehr entziehen kann. (...) Mit der Ouvertüre H 345, aber vor allem mit der emphatischen Interpretation der sinfonischen Dichtung "Les Fresques de Piero della Francesca" erweist sich der Dirigent Ashkenazy zudem als ein glänzender Fürsprecher der sinfonischen Musik Martinus.
Irène Maier, Radio Swiss Classic, November 2011

(...) This is a very good recording. Its technical qualities are matched by Ashkenazy’s creative values which are sympathetically turned to Martinu’s music. (...) Robert Kolinsky appears to revel in the pummelled power of the first movement and the sweet intoning of the second. The finale threads manic neo-classicism with desperation. In the hands of these forces Les Fresques glows (...). It’s the best version I have heard – superb! Unswerving concentration holds the mood tight. This is great Martinu playing kept on a taut rhythmic leash. (...) If you are looking for a single recently recorded disc to represent Martinů then look no further.
Rob Barnett, März 2010 

Disc of the Month. Magical Martinu. (...) Martinu's score can have you walking a few inches taller or finding a spring in your step. (...) Here's a perfect introduction to him.
Andrew Mellor, Classic FM, February 2010

L’intérêt de ce disque tient à la présence du pianiste suisse Robert Kolinsky (...). Semblable cursus lui permet d’aborder les « classiques » du vingtième siècle avec une indiscutable authenticité de style. (…..) Ashkenazy et Kolinsky (...) s’entendent remarquablement pour célébrer cette fête néoclassique (...) Voilà une vision moderne (...) Reste la partition majeure que c’est le concerto no°4, "Incantation" (…). Kolinsky a trouvé l’articulation et les appuis rythmiques qui font vivre ce fantastique monologue.

Pierre-E. Barbier, Diapason, février 2010

If you are looking for a single recently recorded disc to represent Martinu then look no further.

Rob Barnett, MusiWeb-International, February 2010

Most importantly, he brings Martinu's music to vital life, from the "Overture"'s ebullient excitement to "Les Fresques"' luminous ecstasy. Joined by virtuoso Swiss pianist Robert Kilinsky in the concertos, Ashkenazy has delivered a Martinu recording that every fan of the composer will want to hear again and again, particularly in Ondine's crisp, clean but highly evocative digital sound.

Jim Leonard, All Music Guide, February 2010

Farbenrausch. (...) stets werden die Farben nuancenreich ausschattiert, schon erwächst ein schillerndes Kaleidoskpo. Mit (...) Robert Kolinsky konnte zudem ein umsichtiger Solist gewonnen werden, (...)

NZZ, 5. Februar 2010

This is one of the finest records of Martinus music I have encountered for some time. (...) Ashkenazy moulding them excellently, especially the third movement of Frescoest. Kolinsky is a splendid pianist in the concertos; in the second movement of No 2 the string chorale answered by woodwind is very tellingly contrasted with wide-ranging piano writing and the serious (not lightweight) finale is beautifully judged. The two-movement No 4 receives here a great performance (the coda to the first movement is outstanding), and the result is a record that deserves wide success.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion, January/February 2010.

Bohuslav Martinu's anniversary produced many recordings of this Czech composer's hundredfolded works. Ondine's contribution is  among the best: three late works from the 1950s and the most popular Piano Concerto No. 2 from the 1930s as gorgeously vigorous performances. (...) Robert Kolinsky keeps the music enthusiastically vibrant. Predominant is the concerto grosso form: the soloist surges  to foreground to join again as part of the orchestra, and also the orchestra divides into solistic groups.
Jukka Isopuro,, January 27, 2010

Cristal clear sound (...) lovely colours and flowing (...) somewhere preferable to the Supraphon recordings (...) excellent performances from Robert Kolinsky (...) soundwise at least they're an improvement on Rudolf Firkusny's recordings on RCA, but he still has a unique authority in the concertos (...) Ashkenazy's new disc is... easily recommendable.

Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3, January 16, 2010

As fine a Martinu release as has been released in this 50h anniversary year. (...) Ashkenazy responds to (Les Fresques's) rich and radiant atmosphere with a reading with real verve. (...) two of the finest Martinu concerto performances to have come my way for some time. (...) Robert Kolinsky, (...), on these works technically and emotionally, both the Parisian neo-classical chic of No 2 (1934) and the rawer, elemental power of Incantation (1956). In terms of duration, he is not so different from competitiors past and present but internally the tempi are often more varied, fresher and more alive - which is just what these new accounts are. (...) Ondine's recording comes into its own in detailing with superb lightness and precision the nuances of Martinu's scoring, a feature present throughout. The Basle Symphony Orchestra play superbly. Thoroughly recomanded.

Guy Rickards, Gramphone, January 2010

Glühende Intensität. (...) Selbstbewusste Pianisten-Virtuosität im engagierten Wettstreit mit einem stilistisch vielseitig beanspruchten Orchester zum einen, andererseits sparsame Akkorde und Akzente, das Klavier als Farbe im Orchester zum anderen. Beides gelingt Kolinsky sehr gut. Das Orchestergemälde bewegt sich virtuos zwischen den Stilen: (...) Ashkenazy und die Basler finden sich darin ausgezeichnet zurecht. Die Einspielungen haben Atmosphäre, Atem und Engagement, das sich bisweilen zu glühender Intensität steigert.

Reinmar Wagner, Musik & Theater 1/ 2 Januar/Februar 2010

This disc showcases some of Martinu’s most intriguing and appealing music for piano and orchestra. Swiss pianist Robert Kolinsky mitigates the manic energy of the two outer movements, allowing the lyrical passages to emerge as distinctive interludes. (...) Of his Piano Concerto No. 4 ‘Incantation,’ Martinu complained of the ‘pressure of mechanization and uniformity’ that had pervaded the modern world. (...) In two movements the composer creates a sound world that is powerful, magical, expressive and meditative. (...) It’s the most challenging and imaginative work on this disc. Pianist Robert Kolinsky and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy reveal the many facets of the intriguing work. (...) The music on this well-recorded CD is an excellent introduction to this under-appreciated, challenging and eminently listenable composer.

Robert Moon, Audiophile Audition ( December 28, 2009

"Magic is the kingdom of music," said Bohuslav Martinu. At his best, the Czech composer lived up to that definition, his harmonic-melodic sound print marked by a distinctively luminous, enchanting quality. (...) this beautifully recorded, mostly live disc (...) included are the Piano Concertos No. 2 of 1934 (grandly tuneful) and No. 4 of 1956 ("Incantation," aptly mysterious), with dynamic performances by Swiss pianist Robert Kolinsky.
Bradley Bambarger, (U.S.), December 3, 2009

The two piano concertos receive splendid performances, and they are marvelous works--certainly two of the finest 20th-century compositions for piano and orchestra. (...) Robert Kolinsky plays the piano part with a winning combination of improvisational fantasy and firm rhythm (...) while Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Basel orchestra accompany colorfully. (...) This well-engineered disc deserves very serious consideration. Recommended.
David Hurwitz,, December 2009

In the concertos the soloist, Robert Kolinsky, summons a truly heroic tone, and he flings off Martinu's taxing double octaves with real bravura. He also seizes the rare moments when the tumult abates and Martinu does something genuinely subtle - like the little harp and piano duet in the Fourth Concerto.

Ivan Hewett, The Daily Telegraph, December 2, 2009

Gewiss ist moderne Musik nicht jedermanns Sache, doch gerade Martinus Werk öffnet uns das Tor zu dieser Epoche. (...) Auf der neuen CD (...) brillieren der Pianist Robert Kolinsky und ein höchst motiviertes Sinfonieorchester Basel unter der Leitung von Vladimir Ashkenazy. Fazit: spannend und horizonterweiternd!
André Scheurer, Radio Swiss Classic, Dezember 2009

Bohuslav Martinu is enjoying a much overdue revival, this new release (...) presents Swiss-born Robert Kolinsky with a test for his virtuoso fingers in meticulously prepared performances. (...) a well recorded and highly desirable release.
Yorkshire Post, November 20, 2009

Vladimir Ashkenazy houkuttelee Baselin sinfoniaorkesteri sielukasta, muhevaa soittoa (...) tärkeät rajapinnat erottuvat, samoin Robert Kolinskyn napakka ja menohaluinen pianismi.
Kare Eskola, Rondo Klassinen musiikkilehti, 12/2009

Ashkenazy (...) handles the very talented, young Sinfonieorchester Basel through this challenging, but rewarding world of Bohuslav Martinu.
Sterling Beeaff, KBAQ, November 29, 2009

(Incantation) sounds like no other piano concerto I've ever heard, and this is a stunningly good recording.
Robert Johnson, Radio New Zealand, November 22 & 27, 2009

DRSaktuell: CD-Tipp von Roland Wächter

Schweizer Radio DRS2, 30. Oktober 2009

Keinen Zweifel kann es geben, dass die (...) Aufnahme Referenzcharakter trägt.
Sigfried Schibli, Baseler Zeitung, 9. Oktober 2009